“Crank up your stereo and get ready for an adventure through the creative guitar work of Tim’s stunning debut album!”
It was such a pleasure to work on Tim’s latest album at Brainworks studio in Vancouver. Tim’s playing is over the top and at times reminded me of Satriani, Malmsteen, Petrucci, Hetfield, Mustaine and Batio. Those are some big names and Tim’s playing holds up! There is a great mixture of songs on this record with even a few vocal songs if you can take all the blazing fast playing! The band is very tight and the songs are all slamming! Make sure to buy a copy as I’m sure you will love it!
Testimonial by Dave Martone
Dave Martone
Tim Holman is a force, mixing bluesy feel with killer shred. The future is looking good with players like Tim. Watch out world.
Testimonial by Gary Hoey
Gary Hoey