With the release of his debut album, Tim has exhibited an exciting playing style that is versatile and accessible to all listeners.  From over the top shred licks to “chicken pickin” country and blues, Tim has displayed that he does indeed have the chops for a solo outing.

“This is the album that I’ve practiced my ass off to produce,” says Tim. “I’m proud of where I am musically and believe listeners will derive hours of enjoyment from this unique set of songs.”

The album, which kicks off with the extremely high energy rock song, Lift Off, effortlessly morphs into Tim’s inimitable rockabilly style on Hillbilly Boogie.  Keeping the energy high, the progressive shred metal track Abaddon features some of the wildest licks on the album.  This gives way to the lighthearted, Who Let the Satch Out, which is a nod to guitar great, Joe Satriani.  The album even finds its tender moment with a haunting love ballad, I’ll Still Have the Strength, which is one of the two vocal tracks on the record. The other vocal cut, Outside Cat, is a raucous affair that heralds the return of 80’s hair metal and is the most riotous, fun loving track of all. “It just wouldn’t be a true Tim Holman album without some of my sense of humor creeping in,” explains Tim.

Rounding off the album is the hard hitting title track, Impact, and shred fest, The Rising…Dawn of the Apocalyse.  The last track, The Pilgrimage, is an epic six and a half minutes through the mind of Tim Holman.  Culminating in some of the most intense soloing on the album, Tim may have well saved the best for last.  It’s certainly an album that the listener can take more away from with every listen.

Impact - Digital Copy
Impact Digital Copy
Impact - Digital + 6 Panel Digipak Edition
Impact Digital + 6 Panel Digipak